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Language Learner and Multilingual Services

An integral component of the humanities is language. Language is a cultural resource that enables us to build social and emotional connections with others. Language is a road map that helps us navigate our social environment and tells us where we have been and where we are going as a people.

The Humanities Unit strives to raise awareness about how disciplines use language in distinct and nuanced ways and why academic language development is important for all students—but essential for Language Learners.

As a Humanities Unit, we are committed to the following three bands of services:

  • Equity and Access
  • Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
  • Family and Civic Engagement

The Humanities Unit, which also comprises OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center (NTC)— recipient of the CSBA Golden Bell Award, provides technical and advisory support services for stakeholders in and outside of Orange County.

Please visit the OCDE Instructional Services iStore to examine our tools and resources.

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