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Arts and Disability Festival

​​​The annual Orange County Arts and Disability Festival is held each spring to culminate  year-round, school and community based arts program efforts, including hands-on workshops, demonstrations, performances, and a visual art exhibit, serving all ages and all disabilities. Opening ceremonies showcase outstanding performers and provide an overview of the day's activities. Individuals and organizations that have sponsored and supported the Orange County Arts and Disability​ programs are acknowledged. 

All schools and organizations serving the disabled are invited to participate, along with the integrated/mainstreamed classes. Each year, a theme is selected, and lesson plans are provided to assist instructors in utilizing the arts and to teach other curricular areas in and through the arts.

The festival provides:

  • opportunities for individuals with disabilities to showcase their artistic abilities
  • opportunities for instructors to observe the work of others
  • opportunities for parents and families to appreciate the work of their visual or performing artist
  • opportunities to develop public awareness of the value of the arts in the lives of all individuals