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Orange County Safe From The Start


 The OC Safe from the Start vision is to empower individuals, families, organizations and communities to reduce children's exposure to violence and reinforce the belief that "Every Orange County Child is My Concern"​​

Orange County Safe From The Start


1.To build an improved system of local and county collaboration to keep Orange County children safe.
2.To assist local communities and families to reduce the number of young children exposed to violence.
3.To provide resources to educate parents, guardians, and community members about basic brain development and its effect on child and adolescent behavior.
4.To develop a parent workbook in multiple languages (including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, and Korean).
 "What we are as adults is the product of the world we experienced as children."
-Dr. Bruce D. Perry
the ChildTrauma Academy
Orange County's Vision: "Every Orange County Child is My Concern"