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Orange County Regional Oral Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in Los Alamitos

​​Boy and girl looking at a computer.

​​Boy wearing a hearing aid.​​

Girl wearing a hearing aid with an FM boot attached to the aid.
Program Overview
Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) Oral Deaf and Hard of Hearing Oral Program is a comprehensive program giving children with hearing loss from preschool through 6th grade the opportunity to build an academic foundation upon listening and spoken language.
Located on the campus of the Los Alamitos Elementary (LAE) School in Los Alamitos, experienced professionals (i.e. teachers of the deaf, a speech-language pathologist, and an educational audiologist) collaborate to provide small group instruction within an exceptional auditory environment that enhances the opportunity to listen, learn, and use spoken language.
Children enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade are integrated into the general education classes at LAE for non-academics (i.e. media center, computer lab, physical education, music, and art) and grade-level academic areas when appropriate for the student. Mainstreaming opportunities are provided for 6th grade students at McAuliffe Middle School. The students attend non-academic classes (i.e. music, art, drama, keyboarding, and physical education) as well as academic courses when appropriate.
The curriculum is aligned with the California State Standards and the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Supplemental curriculum is used in the areas of reading and language arts to support the learning and development of children with hearing loss.