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Peer Influencer Workshops

​Peer Influencer Workshops will provide foundational knowledge, build self-help skills, and encourage youth-led action to raise awareness about mental health. 


Mental Health 101 for Student Advocates 

Young people can play an important role in reducing stigma related to mental illness, increasing awareness about suicide prevention, and promoting access to mental health services. This virtual workshop will provide students with foundational knowledge of mental health concepts that will support them to become advocates for themselves and others. 

Intended Audience: Middle and high school students 

Duration: 50 minutes 



 Signs of Suicide (SOS) 

Signs of Suicide (SOS), developed by MindWise Innovations, is an evidence-based prevention curriculum designed for middle school and high school-aged youth. Through videos and guided discussions, students will learn about symptoms of depression, warning signs associated with thoughts of suicide, and how to seek help for themselves or support a peer in need through the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) method. 

Intended Audience: Middle and high school students 

Duration: 45-60 minutes 

To schedule a workshop, contact Stephanie Loscko at or 714-966-4319.