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FOCUS (Focusing On Children Under Stress)

​​​​​What is FOCUS?​

FOCUS ifocus_hwc_img.pngs a notification system designed to decrease the negative impacts on children who are exposed to violence and trauma by improving communication and collaboration between first responders, schools and community resources. A traumatic event is a shocking, scary, or dangerous experience that can affect a child emotionally and physically. 

History of FOCUS: ​

  • ​Modeled after the successful Handle with Care program in West Virginia, and has also been effectively implemented in Stanislaus County, California as the FOCUS program 
  • Goal is to provide children with a more stable alternative in the aftermath of traumatic events 
  • In 2021, Orange County Department of Education began implementing FOCUS with pilot school districts and law enforcement agencies​

To learn more, please visit: 

Stanislaus County FOCUS website:​  
West Virginia Handle With Care website:​