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Project Zero Waste

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​The resources below can be used to help start a Service Learning Project at your school.  If your school received a grant from Inside the Outdoors for Project Zero Waste, please note audit deadlines below.

Information for Project Zero Waste

Welcome to Your Project - also included in your binder

Project Ideas


Project Zero Waste Checklist - also included in your binder

Goals and Connecting to Curriculum - also included in your binder

Timeline for your Project - also included in your binder

End of Project Report (Year 3)​ - coming soon

School Waste Audit - These documents should be returned by mail/fax/online when completed by the school.  Preliminary data should be submitted by February 1, 2021.  

  • Online Waste Audit Forms (coming soon)

Home Waste Audits (coming soon)

Home Waste Audit
Evaluación sobre la Basura Casera
Kiêm Kê Rac Nha

General Waste Reduction Curriculum/Activities

School Yard Cleanup - California Coastal Commission Resources

EPA Waste Reduction Model (WARM) - This program has many resources and can help track and report greenhouse gas emission reduction.  More information...

EPA - Teacher and Student Resources

Environmental Education for Kids

Live Litter Free Curriculum

Interactive Internet Games, Challenges, and Activities

Recycle City - Students see how people’s trash affects a city, learn how recycling can save a city money, and where waste goes.
Recycle Rex Activities
CalRecycle Instructional Materials

Recycling Information

Educational Materials and Free Recycling Bins - or call 916-322-1832

Marker Recycling - Crayola ColorCycle

Crayon Recycling - The Crayon Initiative
Recycling Center Search Engines

Waste Free OC - provides a  resource page for information on reducing, reusing and recycling.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Recycling Rex - California Department of Conservation
Recycling Revolution - information on recycling and history of recycling.
Recycling Bins - Retailers of containers, gloves, and scales

Recycle printer cartridges and cell phones with Planet Green
E-Waste Recycling - Provides a search engine which will find a responsible E-Waste hauler.
Waste reduction Posters and Stickers - from Calrecycle

Free Recycling and earth symbol clip art

Rot (Composting)

Food scrap management - More information...

Composting Methods
List of compost bin suppliers
The Worm Guide - Vermicomposting for Teachers
Vermipro - or 714-647-1275
Armstrong Gardens


Terracycle takes items that would otherwise go into a landfill and makes them into something useful. Your school can join a brigade, starting collecting, send items in to Terracycle with pre-paid shipping labels, and earn money for every item sent to Terracycle.
Use items that would go to the landfill to make crafts, visit our Repurposed Crafts!

Waste Free Lunch/Waste Reduction Programs

State Assembly Bill AB1826 requires the reduction of organic waste.  Here are some suggestions of ways you can help reduce waste on campus.

State Guidance for Donating Leftover Food
Turning Leftovers into Meals
School Waste Reduction - Information on the state laws and what schools can do to reduce waste
Have a Waste Free Lunch at your school!
EPA - Pack a Waste Free Lunch
Waste Not OC
Love Food Not Waste - see half way down page
Food Share Table

Waste Companies Serving Orange County

Below are a list of common waste companies in Orange County as well as some specific contacts. Contact your waste disposal company for more information about where your waste goes and how they manage waste from school sites.

CR&R - Will provide an on site bin to collect bottles and cans. 
Costa Mesa Sanitary District
Provide free recycling and composting presentations for schools in Costa Mesa.
Nabila Guzman, Management Analyst - 949.645.8400 ext. 230

Republic Disposal
WARE Disposal
Waste Management provides free education programs that can be brought to your classroom. You can also call to set-up a tour of one of their material recovery facilities.

Additional Online Resources

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