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Special Education

​​​​Lynn Garrett, Director ​​​
Student Services
Phone: (714) 547-7931

Marina Luna-Perez ​​​​
Sr. Administrative Supervisor
Student Services                                 
Phone: (714) 547-7931
ACCESS Special Education is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment.  Students can access a successful academic experience fostering self-motivation, accountability, competence, applicable work skills and positive relationships, all of which will enhance their self-esteem and be reflected, as they become contributing members of society.

Each administrative unit uses the professional services offered by this department to allow students every opportunity to grow and be successful.


ACCESS Special Education Office:

1715 E. Wilshire Avenue  #706
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 547-7931
Fax: (714) 547-9814​

For Special Education Records Requests
, please contact (714) 796-8765 or fax/e-mail your request to:

Fax: (714) 547-9814