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Vision, Mission, and Values

College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA) will inspire students to fulfill their academic, career, and personal goals. CCPA students will prepare to earn their high school diploma or equivalency leading to the achievement of the ultimate goals of developing and empowering students’ success through completion of post-secondary certificates and degrees, career, and community connectedness.
College and Career Preparatory Academy will immediately reduce the drop-out rate, and assist every student to accelerate transition to postsecondary education and training through the development of an Individualized Education Career Service Plan (IECSP).The IECSP will emphasize a career focused curriculum through individualized pathways, culminating in achievement of a high school diploma or equivalency and necessary career readiness skills. We envision a safe, supportive learning environment where communication and achievement is fostered and accomplishments are celebrated.
CCPA is dedicated to the fundamental human values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and professional ethics.  Our priority is service to students, schools, districts, families, and community members.  We provide a safe, caring, courteous, and professional environment that fosters collaborative work and individual development for our students.  We hold ourselves and each other accountable for the highest level of performance, efficiency, resource management, and professionalism.