Recommended Sites

California State Standards:
State Standards available to download at the California Department of Education.

Reading and Language Arts:

Students can enter their spelling lists or choose from the appropriate grade for spelling and vocabulary practice. Grades 1 - 8.
They gather together links to free audio books from all over the web, making them available from one convenient source, where they are categorized by their historical relevance.  You can listen to many books for no charge, or pay just $15 per year to access all of their materials.
Daily Grammar sends you e-mail messages with a grammar lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day.
Vocabulary building program that feeds the hungry with each correct word.  Through the UN World Food Program, for every correct word, 20 grains of rice are donated.  Fascinating background.  Go to options to set vocabulary level.  For 4th grade and up.
Great website for learning vocabulary, making flash cards, especially useful with ESL students.
Printable handwriting practice pages or blank activity pages.
Great place for ideas. Beautiful artwork enhances pages of activities, alphabet cards, handwriting cards, certificates, dolch words and flashcards.
Designed for kids (mostly) and adults interested in quality children's literature.  This site offers kids an opportunity to see their work  published on the web.  All submissions are  welcome.
Kids FREE crafts, printables, activities and games plus 362 indexed Mother Goose rhymes.
Teaching reading with Giggly Bunny, a limited version of their complete set for sell, but good alphabet practice.
Phonics, reading, and language arts for K-2nd grade.  Read stories written by kids. 
Garfield the cat directs students through innovative and motivational digital learning content emphasizing children's literacy.
Safe site from Scholastic for kids ages 8 - 12. Games, activities, books, current events, writing games, make your own comic, etc.
Make practicing spelling fun. Contains over 30,000 words, and you can add your own.  Use pre-created lists based on subject, literature, or grade.  Create your own and publish them for others to use also.
A website for young readers to help with learning to read, phonics, etc.
Do you love Dr. Seuss? Visit this site that includes a storymaker, games, favorites Dr. Seuss characters and print and plays.
Vocabulary University is a great site with interactive word puzzles and lesson plans. Geared for grades 4 and up.
A link to Meriam Webster word central contains a dictionary, thesaurus, and word games.
Great way to learn new vocabulary words, especially for middle school students.  You can do a word a day or a word a week.

Contains hundreds of pages of basic math skills, with interactive practice and explanations on every page. Math problems are randomly created.
Site has a collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets to assist students in algebra.
This site is an animated interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common math terms in simple language.
Site contains math instruction, reinforcement, and learning activities.
Great tool to reinforce math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Site has fun and engaging math games to practice skills and concepts. Tips and key ideas for math concepts can be accessed for each game.
This is MegaMathematics! Welcome to MegaMath where you’ll find mathematical topics such as, The Most Colorful Math of All; Games on Graphs; Untangling the Mathematics of Knots, and more.
Lots of Math games for K - 8. Has other subjects available also, including state geography.
Math challenges for middle school families! Click on challenge index for choices.
This section on teaching tips explains math concepts to home school parents who in turn are teaching their kids.
Math activities, lessons, and games for all grades K-8. All activities align to state standards.
This website had different subject areas with specific skills.  Find the skill/concept you are having difficulty with and click on it to watch a video of it being taught! Great response from users.
Practice pages are in 4 steps: first glance, in-depth, examples, and workout.
Got a math question? Check out the FAQ’s on Dr. Math’s website.
Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Data, Measure, puzzles, quizzes, and an Illustrated Math Dictionary for Grades K - 8.
Grades 1-8 play with numbers and give your brain a workout. Logic, Math, and Number games, Thinking Blocks, Math Manipulatives, Word Problems, and Common Core Math.
Math instruction videos by topic.

Multiplication games, activities, worksheets and resources.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Math manipulatives for numbers and operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis & Probability. All grades K - 12
Lessons provide practical tips, hints, and examples.  Lessons also point out common errors and are cross referenced so that you can study related concepts.
The MATHguide offers graphing and mapping calculators, puzzles, projects, tutorials, and online quizzes (lessons) and help center for middle and high school students and their teachers.
Virtual Education site has tutorials and quizzes. Scroll down the intro page to view math links. Most units are set up with basic information on a particular topic within a discipline.
Site has printable math facts worksheets.
An online resource for math on the web today with over 100,000 graded exams to date.
This site is great for parents/students stuck on math problems.

History/Social Studies/Geography:
Interactive site for grades 1 - 5, connected to our Social Studies program.  The site has a variety of helpful tools for both parents and students.
Interactive website from our middle school Social Studies program which provides students, parents, and teachers with extended knowledge and skills through the integration of technology.
Helpful resource for state report assignments. Has all state flags, songs, and  symbols.
A source for facts, statistics, history and maps of countries around the world.
Interactive site with games and explanations about the US government and things students should know about the world on a level they can understand.  For younger students.
Official website of the CIA, the world factbook offers a wealth of information about every country in the world - incredible resource for older students doing country research.
Excellent map site.
Click on Test Your Knowledge, if you are a geography trivia buff - this is the site for you.  For maps and other resources - maneuver your way through this site.
Online World Atlas packed with geographic, economic, political, historical, and cultural information.  Includes maps, flags, currency conversion, and time zone information.
Geography from across the Atlantic - the British cover physical, human, countries, skills and have helpful Teacher Resources.
Test your geography knowledge. Games sorted by continent, name, or topic.
Free Stuff has some outstanding maps and geography games for all ages as well as a Reference Atlas for every region. Home page also offers maps and resources for sale.
Find out about the journey over on the Mayflower. What was it like to be on board, see the passenger list, find out about the people.
The website for the National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Study Guide for 8th grade CST History test which covers 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history standards
The official website of the National Air and Space Museum.
Current event website.
A Scott Foresman website that provides maps and practice with states and capitals, including quizzes, and more.
Dates That Matter provides a new perspective on history by placing each day-in-history event in broader context and explaining its long-term impact.  Gives you an event for the current date only. (Recommended for grades 6 and up)
World Fact Book, Quick Maps, and Flags of all nations.
The official internet site of the White House designed for kids of all ages.
Outline maps of most countries, regions, states, etc. Site also offers map games, site links for educational applications.  You can even request an outline map if one does not exist on the site.

This website supports our new Houghton Mifflin Science curriculum for students in grades K - 6.  Username and password is available from your CHEP teacher.
Online science support for our new Holt Science for 7th and 8th grade students.  Registration requires teacher name and password available from your CHEP teacher.
AIMS Education Foundation. CHEP has most of these units in the Parent Resource Center at each site. See your CHEP teacher for more information.
The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects.
From Discovery channel - a site just for kids with games, puzzles, quizzes, and a "tell me" search section that answers science questions and even visits the Mythbusters.
Neuroscience for kids. Great ideas for studying the brain.
Use physics to check out the forces behind the fun. Design your own coaster, predict the outcome of bumper car collisions and learn which is the best "lead horse" on the carousel.  Upper grades.
Welcome to the laboratory that never sleeps!  MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure they provide a variety of oddities and other ends as well.
The “Atoms Family!”  Uses famous movie monsters to teach lessons for middle schoolers.
BRIDGE, sponsored by the National Marine Educators Association, provides an extensive collection of ocean science websites organized by includes ..."Ask an Oceanographer" sites.
For six years, David Freeman has logged his worldwide adventures and provided lessons for students to view online. Children can explore the exotic local via interactive lessons.

Arts and Drama:
Available at each of the CHEP sites - Atelier presents DVD-based art lessons. The website provides and easy-to-understand chart to help determine the level of instruction that would be appropriate for each child.
The webpage for the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.
A search to links of approximately 180,000 works of art and 8,200 artists. Wonderful research tool.
Bright ideas for Learning offers books for teaching and learning about art.  Site also has free art activities.
Lesson ideas and activities for all grade levels.
Crayola offers a number of artistic resources on their website. Lesson plans, art resources, and projects including nearly everything from creating animals to discovering science.
Eduplace is the Houghton Mifflin educational site, and it offers a variety of activities and lessons.  "Art Appreciation" stands alone as its own category, but the entire listing offers art-related lessons and activities.
The Imagination Factory offers a multitude of projects involving the use of recycled materials to create imaginative and unique artwork.
This site contains art lesson ideas suitable for grades K-8.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers fun art experiences.  Questions, games, movies, and more abound on this interactive site.
PBS offers resources for educators - lessons and ideas for projects. For PreK-12.
The Incredible Art Department offers lesson plans from Early Childhood to College Level, lessons include art in different cultures as well as specific art projects and interpretations.
The Renaissance Connection presents an interactive site full of information about the Renaissance period, including facts and questions that help kids relate their modern life to the studies. Activities abound and lesson plans are available.
Masterpiece Art Instruction offers art curriculum for the homeschool community.  CD's, books, lessons, and additional learning tools are available, as well as a series of free lessons and projects.

All Subjects:
Site provides an interactive way for children to learn math, geography, language arts, and more.
Family friendly free site with educational games and activities.
Games, crafts, activity centers, printable pages.  Kids Preschool - 6th grade, parent can set grade appropriate levels.
Hours of educational learning fun.  Topics range from animals, weather, Math, Language Arts, and Health. Word Scrambles, vocabulary, typing, music, spelling, Geography, women in history, inventors, and more.
All subject areas - collection of free online educational videos, photos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles - includes grammar, phonics, stories, and writing skills.
Games and videos for younger students with characters like Clifford, The Cat in the Hat, and others from PBS television shows.
Educational games for all grades and subjects.  Exceptional geography games by region, country, and of the world.

Parent Support and Lesson Ideas:
Free worksheets, articles, and resources for stay-at-home and homeschooling moms.
Lots of fun and useful worksheets and materials for primary grades.
Educations Helper is a great website for creating and finding lesson ideas in every subject and every grade level.  There is some free access and a a $20 to $40 yearly membership for additional resources.
Set up games and activities that are relevant to curriculum being taught.
Access thousands of lesson plans, sorted by subject, then by grade and topic.  Great resource!
Great site for auditory learners.  Find lessons, activities, and assistance for incorporating auditory learning into all lessons. All grades are included.
Make puzzles for different lessons or assignments.  Great for students, parents, people of all ages.
The official website of the Smithsonian Institution, with information regarding its sixteen museums and the National Zoo.
There are approximately 350 different websites addressing every and any need a teacher could possibly ever have.
This site has a lot of the unit studies you can buy in the store, but is also has funtastical freebies.  Lesson plans and ideas by teachers for parents and teachers.
Family Education has become the Internet's most-visited site for parents who are involved, committed, and responsive to their families' needs. This site offers practical guidance, grade-specific information, strategies to get involved with children's learning, free email newsletters, and fun and entertaining family activities.
Web site with lesson plans created by respected organizations in each academic area, resources for projects and reports, and free professional development.
From Discovery Education, a way to engage your student with rich videos and online teaching resources. Please contact your teacher for the passcode to create an account at This passcode will ensure that you are allowed access to our account.
Classical education and homeschooling information, guidelines, and links for home schoolers and concerned parents.
Games, maps, and puzzles for all grades and knowledge levels.

Research / Search Engines:

Can’t find it? Try these sites to locate just what you’re looking for!
BJ Pinchbeck offers homework help for kids. This is a great site for students who are researching just about any topic.