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Course Descriptions


First-Time Credential Program

​C​​TE 101
Teacher Preparation

7 weeks online

​​The Teacher Preparation Course is mandatory for all candidates new to teaching and
introduces candidates to fundamental precepts and practices of education.
The course provides an overview for teachers of learning concepts and developmental skills
as they relate to CTE and Adult Education.

​​CTE 102
Instructional Practices of CTE

7 weeks online
 (Prerequisite CTE 101) 

​The Instructional Practices of CTE Course provides a foundation of instructional practices for CTE teachers by providing the educational concepts and skills (including special needs) as they relate to CTE. Instruction fulfills the competencies as identified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) Program Standards 8-16 and the Teacher Performance Expectations.​ ​

EL 100
Teaching English Learners 

​7 weeks online
(Prerequisite CTE 101 & 102) 

​This course is designed to help candidates know and apply specially designed academic instruction
in English (SDAIE) to make curriculum content comprehensible to English learners. It will provide
information on how to access assessment data on English learner students to design appropriate
instruction, including relevant state and federal laws; current research findings and practices,
cognitive, pedagogical, and individual factors that affect language acquisition; historical and cultural
traditions relevant to learning English; and student access to and achievement in the curriculum. This
course will also emphasize the key role of content standards and standards-based assessment in
planning instruction for English learners. Candidates in the program will practice a variety of
systematic instructional strategies to make content comprehensible to English learners.​​ ​

Credential Holders Program

CTE 100
CTE Core

7 weeks online

The CTE Core course is mandatory for all candidates holding a clear multiple subject, single subject
or education specialist California teaching credential and have an authorization to teach English
learners, at least one year of teaching experience while holding the original credential, and two
years of occupational experience in the specific industry sector for the CTE credential they wish to obtain (Work experience based on qualifications set by CTC, approved alternatives, or substitutions will qualify).

This CTE Core class introduces candidates to fundamental precepts of teaching in a CTE
environment. The course provides instructional pedagogical theories in relation to skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and career preparation. Instruction fulfills the competencies as identified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
Program Standard 13.


Other Courses

CTE 104
Advanced Teacher Preparation

7 weeks online
(Prerequisites CTE 101, 102 & EL100)

​The Advanced Preparation Course is the culminating course of study in the OCDE CTE
Teacher Credentialing Program for candidates who have successfully completed CTE 101, 102 and
EL 100. The focus of the course is the Advanced Preparation Program CTE Program Standards 8 - 13 and 16. The course is designed to further develop the teacher candidate's pedagogical, lesson planning, EL,SDAIE, and depth of knowledge skill set in order to meet the qualification for the
clear CTE Credential.​​​​

This course is for candidates who cannot meet the CTE teaching experience requirement
required to clear the preliminary CTE credential.


Health Education for Educators

3 weeks online

Taking a whole-child view of health, including physical, mental, emotional, and social well-bring, this course meets the requirements for a clear credential, and is offered 100% online.

This course was designed to address the content areas of health instruction in the California Health Framework.​​​​

Schools First offers a Special Curriculum Loan up to $2,000 for tuition payments and program costs.

​* The fees listed above do not include the program fee, state credential fees or LiveScan​/Fingerprint fees.

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