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Institute for Leadership Development


The Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) provides a wide variety of credentialing programs, professional development, and technical assistance for local educators to meet the unique needs of schools and districts. The ILD provides a continuum of credentialing programs that begins with supporting General Education teachers and Ed Specialists as they transition from students of teaching to teachers of students.  As holders of a preliminary California teaching credential, these candidates enroll in one of the two OCDE induction programs and have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a trained Mentor as they hone their craft, complete program requirements and demonstrate candidate competence as defined by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession as well as the CTC-approved, induction standards.

Candidates seeking a credential in Career Technical education/Designated Services enroll in our on-line CTE program.  In addition to prescribed coursework, these candidates are also supported by an assigned Mentor.

Finally, the Institute for Leadership Development offers candidates interested in pursuing a career in administration the opportunity to enroll in the Preliminary Administrative Services credential program. This program focuses on theory and leadership fundamentals as defined by the California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPES).  In addition to coursework, all candidate in this program participate in fieldwork activities where they have the opportunity to apply their new learning in an authentic setting.  For those current holders of a Preliminary Administrative Services credential, the opportunity to clear that credential may be pursued through the Clear Administrative Services credential program.  This on-site, in-context coach model matches the candidate with an ACSA-trained coach who provides ongoing support and feedback throughout the candidate's program enrollment.  In addition to this highly-valued level of support, Clear credential candidates participate in Leading Edge certification that assists them in mastery the technology skills needed to lead 21st century schools and districts.

The ILD collaborates with representatives from 28 Orange County public schools and nine local public and private universities.

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