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California Department of Education Updates

2019-20 Reporting DeadlinesASES Reporting Due Dates21st CCLC Reporting Due DatesAO-400 Grant Award NotificationsThe State of California has implemented a new statewide accounting system called the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal). The transition to FI$Cal has resulted in a delay of the issuance of the AO-400 Grant Award Notifications (AO-400s). Your timely response to any requests for information from the Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) is essential in order for the EXLD to issue the AO-400s.The FI$Cal system requires a revision to some of the information that is assigned to the grants. Please note the following:AO-400 Vendor number: The four-digit vendor number has been changed to a five-digit Vendor Location number. When you receive your current AO-400, please make note of this change for your records and for any communication with our division.Non-Local Educational Agencies (e.g., city municipalities, community based organizations, nonprofits): A FI$Cal Supplier Identification (ID) and Address ID are being assigned to the grant and need to be updated in FI$Cal. Additional information may be required to ensure that payments can be processed.If you receive an email from the EXLD staff or from the California Department of Education Accounting Office, please complete any required information and submit it immediately. A request may include such documents as a Government Tax Identification Number Form or a Revised Payee Data Record Form.Please contact your Fiscal Analyst if you require assistance.Expanded Learning Division California Department of Education1430 N Street, Suite 3400Sacramento, CA 95814Phone: 916-319-0923Policy Committee of Expanded Learning Division Releases Revised GuidanceThe Policy Committee of the California Department of Education Expanded Learning Division has released revised guidance on Direct Services and Administrative Costs. This guidance can be found on the CDE's webpage utilizing the following web link: YEAR 2019-2020 ASES INTENT TO AWARD (NEW FUNDING)Intent to Award for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) ProgramAPPEAL INFORMATIONApplicants who wish to appeal a grant award decision must submit a Letter of Appeal to the California Department of Education (CDE). Appeals are limited to the grounds that the CDE failed to correctly apply the standards for reviewing the application as specified in the Request for Applications (RFA).The appellant must file a full and complete appeal in writing containing the following information:·         Describe the issue(s) in dispute;·         State the legal authority or other basis for the appeal; and·         State the remedy that is sought.The appeal letter must be signed by the Authorized Signatory or the Designee that signed the original application. The Letter of Appeal must be sent to the address below within 10 calendar days of the posting of the Intent to Award. Hand-delivered appeal letters must be received at the CDE by 5:00 p.m. on or before the required date.ASES AppealsExpanded Learning DivisionCalifornia Department of Education1430 N Street, Suite 3400Sacramento, CA 95814-5901Please note: The Intent to Award list may change after the grant award appeal period is complete. The final awards will be posted on the CDE Web site when all data is verified and appeals are decided.