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California Specific - ASES, ASSETs and 21stCCLC Programs

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Attendance Calculators (to be updated)


The California AfterSchool Network (CAN) produced five short webinars around the Quali​ty Standards for Expanded Learning in California. These webinars are intended to give Expanded Learning staff an overview of the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California, the Standards in Action and the Cr​​osswalk, and how these can be utilized in a process of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

PDF Resouce: Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California

PDF Resource: A Crosswalk between the Quality Standards ​for Expanded Learning and the Program Quality Assessment Tools

​​CAN Website: Quality Standards Webinars 

​​The webinar topics include: Background​ of the ​ Quality Standards, Evidence of Quality Improvement, Overview of the Quality Standards, Standards in Action and Co​ntinuous Quality Improvement and the Crosswalk.

Do you have staff who are new and need a quick lesson on guidance for ELPs? Or a returning staff member who needs a refresher? Click on the links below to access the webinars:

Expanded Learning in California Grantee Orientation Videos

Access the Grantee Orientation videos HERE! 

In collaboration with the California Department of Education's Expanded Learning Division (CDE-EXLD), the California Afterschool Network has created a series of videos to help Expanded Learning grantee staff strengthen their knowledge and understanding in the following content areas:

  • Grants 101
  • The Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
Federal Program Monitoring

How to use the Grantee Orientation videos:

In conjunction with the Grantee Orientation videos, CAN has created activity outlines and materials for Expanded Learning professionals to use to facilitate internal training and professional development with their staff. The videos can be used for program quality improvement planning, watched over a series of weeks, used as part of an on-boarding process or even as a refresher at the end of the year! 

Grants 101

The Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California

Continuous Quality Improvement

Federal Program Monitoring

Campaign for Quality Videos

The California Afterschool Network is proud to announce a series of videos that highlight each of the 11 sections of the Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA Tool) and the 5 sections of the High School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric. Each of the 3-5 minute videos is designed to start meaningful conversations with your after school program’s stakeholders on program quality and to start a plan for continuous improvement.

View the videos now!

Ideas on how to use the Campaign for Quality Videos to start meaningful conversations around program quality:

  • Play one of the videos at each of your site's meetings
  • Show the videos to your school Principal or to teachers at school staff meetings
  • Start your staff professional development trainings with a video as an icebreaker
  • Have classroom check-in meetings with your students by using the videos to get your students' feedback on your program. 

Expanded Learning Quality Standards in Action Videos