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School Safety


School Safety/Emergency Preparedness: The Heart of School Success



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                                Christine Laehle, MPH
                              Program Specialist




Each day in Orange County, over 500,000 students and 20,000 educators arrive at school to learn and teach.  In order for this to take place, maintaining a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning is critical.  Whether an event is a natural disaster or school violence, schools need to implement the Four Phases of Emergency Management:

  • Prevention/Mitigation – Are you currently preventing any future emergencies or minimizing effects
  • Preparedness – Are you prepared to handle an emergency
  • Response – Responding safely to an emergency
  • Recovery - How will you recover from the incident

The Orange County Department of Education provides trainings/workshops on Comprehensive School Safety Plans, Standardized Emergency Management System, Developing Emergency Operation Plans, Earthquake Preparedness, School Behavioral Threat Assessment, Resilience Strategies for Educators: Techniques for Self Care and Peer Support, Active Shooter Behavioral Indicators and Threat Management Strategies along with other violence prevention workshops.