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SMAA Program

​​Medi-Cal offers medical services to children whose families are unable to pay healthcare costs.  Many of those families are unaware of the program and do not know that they may be eligible for Medi-Cal assistance.

Schools play a key role in connecting families to Medi-Cal.  The following reimbursable SMAA activities directly support Medi-Cal services for students and their families.

  • Initial Medi-Cal Outreach
  • Facilitating Medi-Cal Application
  • Ongoing Referral, Coordination, and Monitoring of Medi-Cal Services
  • Arranging Transportation in Support of Medi-Cal Services
  • Translation Related to Medi-Cal Services
  • Program Planning, Policy Development, and Interagency Coordination Related to Medi-Cal Services
  • SMAA Administration, Coordination, and Training

The SMAA program allows school districts and county offices of education to be reimbursed federal dollars for costs incurred while performing certain administrative activities. Employees record their time worked on these activities and then a claim is submitted based on this information.

SMAA is a Federal Financial Participation (FFP) program, which requires a non-federal match. Approved SMAA costs are reimbursed at fifty percent (50%). Revenue is unrestricted.