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Autism News of Orange County (ANOC)

Mission Statement
Autism News of Orange County & the Rest of the World  (ANOC) is a collaborative publication for parents and professionals dedicated to sharing research-based strategies, innovative educational approaches, best practices and experiences in the area of autism.

Submission Policy
The Autism News of Orange County RW is available free of charge to parents and professionals of children with autism. The opinions expressed in the newsletter do not necessarily represent the official view of the agencies involved.

Contributions from teachers, therapists, researchers and relatives/children of/with autism are welcome. The editors select articles and make necessary changes.

Please submit articles in Microsoft Word using font size 12, double spaced, and no more than four pages in length (2600 words). Photos are encouraged and when submitted with articles the permission to include is assumed.
Please email all correspondence to:  Dr. Vera Bernard-Opitz

Summer, Fall, and Winter/Spring (3 issues per year). PLEASE NOTE: Issues will not be printed due to current budget constraints, so please download a copy and share with others.

To visit the ANOC website click here.This website includes an event calendar, current and archived issues, newsletter subscription, and a list of the sponsors.