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Connections at Golden West College

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                at Golden West College Adult Transition Program

15744 Golden West Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

​​Office:  714-895-8325​​​​

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Connections at ​​Golden West College Adult Transition Program is located in Huntington Beach on the campus of Golden West Community College. This classroom serves students with disabilities from 18-22 years of age. Our program emphasizes student independence, choice making, individualized work environments, communication skills, money skills, integration with the college population, and transition​ to integrated work. 

Our mission is to utilize the college campus environment and local community to prepare students with disabilities 18 to 22 years of age to meet their post-secondary goals. The program is designed to help students move with maximum success from school to postschool placement in community and integrated work settings. The program uses an interagency collaborative approach to link students with appropriate support services prior to school exit.

Work experience training sties also provide students with learning opportunities to acquire vocational skills, assess strengths and determine work preferences. Exploratory Work Experience is developed based on students’ choices, interests and strengths. Work experience includes a variety of job areas both on campus and in the local community to prepare students for the local job market.

Support staff provide services on an as needed basis. Such services may include counseling, speech, adapted physical education,  nursing, vision, mobility , assistive technology,    and physical and occupational therapy services. Students earn a certificate of completion and may also enroll in functional academic and non-academic classes on campus.