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Connections at Harbor Learning Center South


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Christa Paul

Thank you for visiting the Connections at Harbor Learning Center website. We provide a comprehensive education serving students with dual diagnosis of middle school, high school and adult transition age. Our programs serve some of the most challenging students in Orange County and adjacent counties.  We work closely with our local school districts to ensure students get a quality education that is individualized to their needs.​

Connections at Harbor Learning Center provides a safe, caring, and enriching environment for all students. In our program, in addition to access to state standards and curriculum, emphasis is placed on addressing the emotional needs of  our students through counseling and by teaching them social emotional regulation skills. This program also includes opportunities for community-based instruction and vocational training for our students. We work hard to provide meaningful and supportive programs for every one of our students so they can be successful in post school opportunities.  

Additionally, home-school communication and collaboration support student learning and generalization of skills. Finally, strong partnerships with local school districts, families and community agencies underpin our commitment to educate our students.​​
Christa Paul, Principal, Connections