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Connections at Mission Viejo High School


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Stephanie Strietbeck


Thank you for visiting the Connectionst at Mission Viejo High School  webpage. We provide a comprehensive education for students with disabilities of high school and adult transition  age. We work closely with our local school districts to ensure students get a quality education that is individualized to their needs.

Connections at Mission Viejo High School provides a safe, caring, and educationally challenging environment for all students. Our staff of highly trained teachers and related service providers use research based educational practices to address the unique learning needs of each student. Additionally, home-school communication and collaboration support student learning and generalization of skills. 

The OCDE Connections provide a stellar program to students with disabilities, and it is my privilege to work with our students, their families, as well as with this group of dedicated and caring professionals. 

I welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please contact our office at 949-425-2235 for more information.​

Stephanie Strietbeck, Principal, Connections