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Special Day Classes - Emotionally Disturbed (ED)

The OCDE Special Schools division operates programs for students exhibiting severe emotional challenges. These challenges are often associated with significant learning and behavioral difficulties and are served within our ED program. These classes teach academic and independent skills through functional settings and activities. Curriculum, such as reading, language arts, math, and sciences are taught both in the classroom as well as in real settings, such as the library, restaurants, stores, and various work experience sites.  Students apply reading and writing skills to read job related materials, complete employment applications, and develop a resume of their experiences.

Students also develop specific skills for particular job tasks, such as those required in clerical or retail environments. In addition, students focus on developing social interactions that foster success in any workplace, including observing work site rules, talking with supervisors, asking appropriately for assistance, and interacting with co-workers. While interacting with community members, students also apply reading and math skills for success in consumerism and using public transportation.