Special Schools Program Description

The OCDE Special Schools Programs operates classes that are placed on integrated school district sites throughout Orange County. Our program is divided into Administrative Units that are geographically located and may serve multiple school districts on multiple school sites. An assigned Principal from the OCDE Special Schools and Services Division supervises each Administrative Unit.  Regionalizing educational services allows each of the 28 school districts throughout Orange County to pool their resources, finances, specialized staff and equipment to provide students and their parents with a rich, comprehensive and effective educational environment.

The campus at Philip J. Reilly School in the Capistrano School District, Heideman School in the Tustin School District, and the D/HH program within the Irvine Unified School District are the result of collaborative building projects between the County Office of Education and those school districts, which helps secure space for our county operated programs. The host districts are generally responsible for maintaining the condition of the facility and the grounds. OCDE works cooperatively with all its host districts to maintain an environment that supports good instruction.  Through this collaborative approach, students are educated with a significant number of age, cognitive and language appropriate peers. Students have opportunities to be educated through mainstreaming in general education classes with their school age peers as well as participating in special day classes designed specifically for students with disabilities.