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​System of Sup​port (SOS)  The OCDE Special Schools program has created an extensive professional learning community (PLC) to train and sup​port staff.  Our training model, System of Support (SOS), is designed to provide staff with the most current and research based information and training related to the best practices. 

Our model is designed to provide teachers with opportunities to receive training and then meet in collaborative groups to discuss and develop instructional strategies and materials related to their training(s).  An administrator and a teacher who is identified as a Support Facilitator support each collaborative group. Collaborative group teachers meet on a quarterly basis for additional training opportunities and exchange of instructional strategies to better meet the needs of students.

Systematic Utilization of Comprehensive Strategies to Ensure Student Success (SUCSESS)

The SUCSESS Project is a staff-training program designed to meet the needs of students with autism and their families. Through this program, staff is provided ongoing training and support related to researched "Best Practices” for designing and delivering effective programs to individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  As part of the SUCSESS Project model, staff receive direct classroom support from our Program Specialist, who assists teachers in the areas of teaching methodologies, classroom structure, behavior management and data analysis.  In addition, teachers are provided support via student progress meetings designed to facilitate increased communication between staff members and identify program modifications needed to support individual student goal attainment.

Model Classroom
The Model Classroom program provides instructional staff with an “in classroom” training opportunity and is designed to enhance each staff members teaching skills and abilities.  Teachers participate in a one-week experience within an established Model Classroom and are provided with follow-up support within their individual classroom.  The major objectives of this experience are to:


•    enhance teaching behaviors and instructional strategies.
•    facilitate a common language and conceptual framework for Special Schools personnel.
•    encourage dialogue regarding implementation of learned skills at the “home site.”


Four specific teaching behaviors are targeted as critical to the implementation of the Special  Schools Instructional Model.  The practice of correct teaching behaviors is important in all domains and environments.  Staff are trained in the areas of:

•    Securing and Maintaining Student Attention
•    Stimulus - Response
•    Prompts and Correction Procedures
•    Reinforcement
Behavioral Analysis for Successfully Initiating Change (B.A.S.I.C.) is a staff development program resulting from legislation requiring school districts to use functional behavioral analysis and to develop behavior plans to address the needs of pupils with serious behavior problems. This training emphasizes the use of positive behavioral interventions.

Health and Safety‬
‪All OCDE classroom staff are trained in the areas of: CPR, Confidentiality, Lifting, Communicable Disease Prevention, and Child/Adult Abuse Reporting.