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Venado Middle School Deaf & Hard of Hearing​​​ Program​​​

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Venado Middle School Deaf & Hard of Hearing​​​​​​

4 Deerfield Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604

​Office: ​949-651-1403

Venado Middle School DHH Program is a regional program located in the city of Irvine. Our program is located on the campus of Venado Middle School, which is part of the Irvine Unified School District. We provide access to quality education in a regional setting for DHH students, grades six through eight. 

The OCDE Regional DHH Program uses a total communication philosophy. Conceptually Accurate Signed English (C.A.S.E) is the main signing system used by staff and students with the support of American Sign Language and English based sign systems. The program is individualized and designed to maximize interaction with hearing peers and all school personnel.

The OCDE Regional DHH Program is focused on literacy development and the acquisition of language. Core curriculum subjects paralleling the academic state guidelines are offered in the special day class setting. Teachers certificated in Deaf Education and fluent in expressive and
 receptive sign language skills instruct these classes. Specially trained instructional assistants, also fluent in sign language, work side by side with the teacher in the special day classroom.

Students also participate with general education peers in a mainstream setting for a portion of the day. Educational interpreters facilitate communication in all academic and nonacademic classes. Through interpreting services, students have equal access to all activities, information and materials therefore, maximizing interaction with all school personnel and hearing peers.​