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Transition Planning

Orange County Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

2019-20 Transition Planning Resource Directory

Please Note: Due to COVID19, adult day program services are currently being provided in various traditional and non-traditional ways. Since this directory was last updated, programs are delivering services in-person, via remote electronic communication, and in other individualized methods that best meet the needs, safety and comfort levels of program participants. Programs that continue to consider referrals provided by the Regional Center of Orange County may provide virtual tours and intake appointments. For more information regarding specific referrals and programs, please contact your assigned RCOC Service Coordinator.​​

The purpose of this directory is to acquaint students and their families with postschool training and employment support options.

The first section of the directory includes programs funded by the Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC). These services are vendored as activity programs, adult development programs and behavior management programs. Integrated work and volunteer placement is a component in a number of these programs. The first section of the directory also includes programs funded by the State Department of Education and CalOptima. The State Department of Education offers classes through Adult Education and the Community College District. CalOptima and Regional Center of Orange County fund Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) (formerly called adult day health centers) for adults who require ongoing assistance with specialized health care needs.

The second section of the directory includes supported employment programs. These programs are also funded by the Regional Center of Orange County. Department of Rehabilitation provides time limited funding for individuals who may not be eligible for RCOC or who may not need long term funding.

Individual agencies listed in this directory are not affiliated with the Orange County Department of Education. Program descriptions were developed by each agency and reflect the philosophy of that agency. Inclusion of program descriptions in this directory does not indicate an endorsement of individual agencies. It is suggested that those seeking services become familiar with program options in order to provide input in the referral process, and to make an informed choice in the placement decision. Appendix A provides a diagram of the different adult day service models and a description of each. In order to assist students and adults to obtain integrated and competitive integrated employment, a Person Driven Plan (Appendix B) has been developed by RCOC with input from collaborative agencies.

An overview of the Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) Employment First Policy summarizes RCOC’s efforts to work collaboratively with school and postschool agencies to increase the proportion of those employed in integrated settings. For additional information on transition planning, including work based learning tools, transition webinars, and upcoming seminars, visit the RCOC website at

For information regarding this directory, please contact:

Janice Almaraz
Vocational Education Consultant
Orange County Department of Education
(714) 796-8703