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Weekly Calendar

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Science-at-Home Activities

Rethink Your Trash
Week of June 29, 2020


Reconnect with nature in your neighborhood or local park. Please follow guidelines and social distancing restrictions. Be safe and have fun!

This will be our last calendar until after our Virtual Summer Camp.







Reducing your trash is one of the best ways to help our landfills.  Brainstorm with your family some ways to reduce your trash.  Make a commitment to help reduce your amount of trash.

Ideas to Reduce Your Waste

Take the EcoChallenge - Activity Book


Buying items that can be reused again and again helps reduce single use waste.  Another way to reuse is to fix or update something in your house that you might have thrown away. Give it a new life!

4 Ways to Reuse a Coffee Filter - video

Family Waste Reduction Challenge


Many items that would end up in the trash could be repurposed.  What ways can you repurpose trash?  Be creative!

Juice Pouch Light

Repurposed Crafts


Rot, or compost, is when food waste is broken down and the nutrients return to the soil.  There are many different ways to do this!

Vermicomposting at the Great Park - Video

Composting in a Jar - Video

Composting at Home


When an item is recycled, it is changed into a different form or product.  This takes more energy than the other four ways to rethink your trash.

How to Recycle Right - Video

Trash Assessment



Grade Specific Lessons/Activities ​ ​

​ ​ ​

The Choice is Yours: 5 R’s is a Kindergarten lesson from Inside the Outdoors.​ ​

Homes and Natural Resources is a 4th Grade lesson from Inside the Outdoors.
New Imperialism: The Search for Natural Resources and Sustaining Economies and the Earth’s Resources are two High School lessons from the California Environment and Eduction Initiative related to History/Social Studies topics.


In the sky this week:
  • June 28, 2020 is the first quarter moon.
  • Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the late evening until sunrise.
  • Mars will be visable after about 1:00 am

Download this week's calendar.

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