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Teacher Information


Virtual Field Trip and Traveling Scientist Pre-Program Information

Teaching Schedule​ - click here to access the virtual Teaching Schedule (google form)

  • ​Please submit your Teaching Schedule at least FOUR weeks before your program. 
  • ​Each class should be scheduled for their own presentation.
  • ​​We request 10-15 minutes in between presentations.  ​​​​​​​
  • Combo classes and SDC students can be combined with another class. 
  • Class sizes should be limited to 35-40 students per presentation. 
  • ​TK/Kinder programs are 30-45 minutes, and first grade and up are 60 minutes. 
  • For pre-and post activities, please refer to your confirmation email to access our activities.

​Sample Teaching Schedule - click here to view a pdf sample schedule

AESD ONLY:  Sample Teaching Schedule​​ - click here to view a pdf sample schedule (AESD ONLY)


​Field Trip Pre-Trip Information

Trip Schedules - Please return to our office at least 4 weeks before your program.

Teacher Checklist - What to do before, day of, and after program.
Medical Release Forms - Inside the Outdoors must keep these forms and file them for two years.  
Group Lists
Name Tags
Maps to Sites
Field Trip Fees
Letter to Send to Parents
Clothing List

Field Trip Post Trip Information

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Traveling Scientist Pre-Program Planning

Teaching Schedule - Traveling Scientist Programs
Teaching Schedule - Large Group Assemblies

Teacher Checklist - What to do before, day of, and after program.
Room Set Up for Programs
Program Fees

Traveling Scientist Post Program Information

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Lessons, Curriculum, and Background Information