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About Inside the Outdoors

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Inside the Outdoors is a unique and hands-on environmental education program serving over 120,000 participants per school year.  Our mission is to empower students, teachers, parents and the community to explore natural areas and expand their knowledge, understanding, and stewardship of the environment through our Virtual Programs​ for 2022/2023​, ​ Field Trips, Traveling Scientist, and Community programs.  The curriculum created for our programs support current California academic standards and allows students to interact with these concepts in a real world setting.
Inside the Outdoors has been a leader in hands-on science and social science programs since 1974. Register today and we will provide you with an experience you will never forget!
Inside the Outdoors is part of the California Environmental Literacy Initiative, a public–private partnership that seeks to increase access to relevant and impactful environment-based learning for all of California's PreK–12 students.

If you are interested in becoming an Inside the Outdoors volunteer​, click the link to ​sign up.  You will receive information when volunteer opportunities become available. 
Inside the Outdoors, administered by the Orange County Department of Education, is self-supporting program. 


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