Special Programs and Partnerships

​ACCESS offers many exemplary programs that meet very specific needs in the growing student population that we serve. 
These programs operate as part of the county community schools, Community Home Education Program (CHEP), and/or the juvenile court schools. Programs are added each year to ensure that educational options are available for every student in Orange County.
Two elementary academies offer alternative academic programs for at-risk students in grades K-6.
Accountability Commitment Program:
This program (7 days a week, 10 hours a day) combines education and a work program to serve minors committed to house arrest.
Counseling Services:
Credentialed school psychologists, licensed mental health professionals, and interns are available for counseling and crisis intervention for ACCESS students.
Group Home Tutoring:
Tutors work with child care workers in over sixty privately-operated group homes and county-operated institutions to assess and assist in students' educational progress.
Job Training Partnership Act:
These programs prepare students to be part of the work force.
The focus of this program is reaching ACCESS students who have become potential dropouts.
This program offers a unique educational setting and outreach to homeless students.
Student and Support Services:
A variety of programs meet the learning and personal needs of Special Education students, as well as other ACCESS youth.
Teen Parenting:
Seven sites offer an alternative high school program for teen parents.
Youth and Family Resource Center:
This program, in collaboration with the Probation Department and various community agencies, offers strong family support and interaction for students at six sites.