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7th and 8th Grade Online Transition Courses

How to Enroll in the CHEP Online Transition Courses

Enrollment in CHEP must be completed before registering for an Online Transition Course.

  • Read the Course Information Page.  Select your courses.

  • Complete the CHEP Online Transition Program Registration Form‚Äč.

  • Two ways to complete your registration forms.

    • Online - open Online Transition Program Registration Form and save it to your computer, fill it out, save it again, and either print out the appropriate pages or email it to your CHEP teacher.

    • Print out a copy - complete the form (please print and use dark ink) and give it to your CHEP teacher.

  • All students are to complete the top portion and sign the bottom of page 1 of the Registration Form.

  • If you have not taken an Online Transition Course, read the Online Orientation, and  complete page 2 of the Registration Form and return it with page 1.

  • Parent and student are to read page 3, and then sign page 1 that they agree to the terms.

  • Submit pages 1 and 2 (if required) to your CHEP teacher.