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Grade Trait Literature Title and Summary
9 Respect, Responsibility, and Compassion The Odyssey My Character Odyssey 
Students will write a biographical or autobiographical narrative based on the hero journey of Odysseus and the archetype of a hero according to Joseph Campbell. Students will reflect on their own trials, boons, and growth as a person of character as well as consider who has influenced them and who they have influenced. They will work collaboratively with classmates to respond to each other’s writing. In order to complete this assignment, students need to have read The Odyssey and be familiar with the hero journey archetype. (Two to four 50-minute class periods)
3 Compassion and Courtesy Poppa's New Pants (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Poppa's New Pants    
Students identify examples from the story "Poppa's New Pants" of how the characters show compassion and courtesy towards each other. Students will then think and write about a time in their lives when they showed compassion or courtesy towards themselves or someone else. (Two sessions of 45 – 60 minutes each)