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Houghton Mifflin

Grade Trait Literature Title and Summary
5 Self-Discipline Black Cowboy, Wild Horses (Houghton Mifflin Grade 5) Black Cowboy, Wild Horses    
After reading the selection “Black Cowboy, Wild Horses”, students will identify characteristics of self-discipline shown by story’s main character Bob Lemmons. Then students will identify some of their own traits of self-discipline and reflect upon areas to improve and make a commitment to act. They will brainstorm ways to become more disciplined, and share their ideas with the class. (45-60 minutes)
3 Respect Dancing Rainbows: A Pueblo Boy's Story (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Dancing Rainbows: A Pueblo Boy's Story    
Students identify the main ideas illustrated in the story and provide supporting details from the story that show respect toward self, others, and non-humans. Students write a paragraph to illustrate how the Tewa Indians show respect toward others. Students participate in a service project to show respect for their school or community. (60 minutes)
5 Self-Respect Dear Mr. Henshaw (excerpt in Houghton Mifflin Grade 5) Dear Mr. Henshaw    
Students will read an excerpt from the novel Dear Mr. Henshaw and identify Leigh’s demonstration of the trait of self-respect. By examining the main character’s series of letters to Mr. Henshaw, students will analyze changes in Leigh’s feelings throughout the story and understand how the author uses letters to reflect the character’s growth and development. Students write letters to Leigh, and to themselves, regarding issues of self-respect. (Two or three 45-50 minute lessons)
5 Integrity A Boy Called Slow (Houghton Mifflin Grade 5) Integrity and a Boy Called Slow    
After reading the story "A Boy Called Slow," students will take part in a discussion on how the main character felt about his given name, what he did to earn a new name, and how he showed integrity. Students will take the perspective of a Native American, think of a new name they would like to earn, and propose a plan to earn the new name. (45-60 minutes)
5 Integrity and Fairness Katie's Trunk (Houghton Mifflin Grade 5) Katie's Trunk    
Students will identify the traits of integrity and fairness in the characters John Warren and Katie, and understand how different people can experience the same event but interpret it differently depending on who they are and why they are in the situation. Students will practice considering others’ points of view. (Two or three 45-60 minute sessions)
4-5 Perseverance Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion (Houghton Mifflin Grade 5) Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion    
Students will read “Michelle Kwan Heart of a Champion”, and identify the character trait of perseverance. Students discuss Michelle’s perseverance toward her goal of becoming a senior skater. Students identify the trait of perseverance in their own lives, create storyboards to illustrate the steps they took to achieve their goal, and use the storyboards to compose a personal narrative essay describing how they reached the goal. (Two 45-60 minute lessons)
3 Responsibility Nights of the Pufflings (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Nights of the Pufflings    
Students learn how to use story details to identify the problem and the solution that occurs in the text. With the use of the story details, students gain a better understanding of the character attribute of responsibility. (40 minutes)
3 Respect and Responsibility Pepita Talks Twice (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Pepita Talks Twice    
Students will read the story “Pepita Talks Twice” which is about a girl who becomes frustrated because she has to translate between Spanish and English for her friends, family, and neighbors. Students will identify, write and share examples of respect and responsibility demonstrated by the characters in the story. Then students will identify how they demonstrate these in their own lives and compare their actions to the main character’s actions. (90 minutes or two 45-minute sessions)
3 Compassion and Courtesy Poppa's New Pants (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Poppa's New Pants    
Students identify examples from the story "Poppa's New Pants" of how the characters show compassion and courtesy towards each other. Students will then think and write about a time in their lives when they showed compassion or courtesy towards themselves or someone else. (Two sessions of 45 – 60 minutes each)
3 Integrity and Respect The Lost and Found (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) The Lost and Found    
Students create a character study of two of the main characters from the story “The Lost and Found.” Through discussion and self-reflection, students demonstrate their understanding of the characteristics of integrity and respect. (40 minutes)
3 Respect and Responsibility Trapped by the Ice (Houghton Mifflin Grade 3) Trapped by the Ice    
Students will read the story “Trapped by the Ice” which is about the Antarctic adventures of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Students will identify, write and share examples of respect and responsibility demonstrated by the stories’ characters. Then students will identify these same traits and how they demonstrate them in their own lives. (90 minutes or two 45 minute sessions)