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Substitute Teaching

‚ÄčThe following documents are required to obtain an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit:

1. Official Transcripts Showing Your Bachelor's Degree:

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) does not accept electronic transcripts sent to the applicant. Transcripts must be from a regionally accredited college or university and must have your degree posted.  The transcripts can be open as long as they are on the original university water-colored paper. This will be returned to you. Diplomas, photocopies of transcripts, electronic transcripts sent to the student, and unofficial transcripts are NOT accepted.

2. Basic Skills Requirement:

Generally, this is completion of the CBEST.  However, CTC does accept a number of other means to meet this requirement.  These are explained in the Basic Skills Requirement leaflet found on the CTC website. The following exams can be used to satisfy this requirement: official score report of CBEST, ACT, SATor all four of the CSET: Multiple Subject Exams

3. Fingerprinting for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and/or for employment purposes in any public school district in Orange County. Both forms may be required.

  • CTC fingerprinting*:  These fingerprints are required by CTC in order to grant you the substitute permit.  Bring a copy of the completed OCDE fingerprint form
  • Clearing House Fingerprinting Form 

A full teaching credential can take the place of an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit. You will only need to be fingerprinted for the Clearing House Consortium.

*If you hold CTC Certificate of Clearance, you do not need to be fingerprinted for CTC again.

4. OCDE Recommendation Form  

CTC Recommendation:

To apply for the Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit, please bring the above listed items to our office and one of our Credential Technicians will recommend you for the permit.  Once recommended you will receive an email from CTC prompting you to complete the application process and pay for the permit on the CTC website with a credit or debit card.  You will leave our office with a receipt showing that you have started the application process.


The substitute permit is valid for ONE calendar year.  It allows you to substitute as a day-to-day substitute teacher, however, it does not allow you to substitute in any long-term assignments.  You may substitute in one assignment for up to 30 days for general education and 20 days for special education within the school year. 

It is up to the district of employment if they utilize 30-day substitute permit holders.  A complete list of the school districts can be found on our website. You can contact the Human Resources Department in the district where you would like to work or you may search through the Ed-Join website.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact a Credential Technician at 714.966.4306.


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