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Inclusion Pathway

​​What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is the practice of educating and caring for children with special needs in the same environment or setting as their typically developing peers.  But “inclusion" is more than participation, it's about belonging.  Belonging is the feeling of being part of something and mattering to others.  A sense of belonging occurs when each child is fully engaged, supported to reach their full potential and ALL children are treated with dignity and respect as a valued members of the classroom community.

Inclusion Pathway
The Inclusion Pathway is a free online self-study tool for inclusion is designed for early childhood teachers, caregivers, and administrators. Whether you are starting to embark on inclusive practices, refining your program practices, or looking for specific resources to support children with challenging behaviors, this is the place for you! Start by completing the self-assessment to help determine which area to begin on the self-study tool. No matter where your program is now, each step taken on this educational journey will improve the learning experiences for all the children in your program. The information your aquire will also ensure that your program is open and accessible to all children regardless of their individual needs.

To access the Inclusion Pathway Padlet, click on the photo below