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2020-2021 Phase 2


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Phase 2B Appplication Details

2021 School Climate Sub-Grant: 

CA MTSS Pathway Certification for Schools

Thank you for your interest in the CA MTSS Pathway Certification for Schools. Participating school sites will be eligible for up to $150,000 in order to provide stipends/release time for educators who participate and complete the course within an 18 month​ period. Twenty-one school sites will be selected representing the seven (7) California Geographic Lead Areas. Awardees from each area will include one (1) elementary, on
(1) middle school, and one (1) high school. 

During the review process, priority will be given to schools who demonstrate the capacity and willingness to evaluate their school conditions and climate and create the systemic change needed to improve outcomes for all learners. 

Each school site administrator will be provided a coach to assist in the planning and implementation of the CA MTSS Pathway Certification for Schools. Grant awardees must commit to ensuring a minimum of 90% of their school staff to complete the course within an 18 month period, and agree to becoming a CA MTSS Pathway Certification for Schools Demonstration Site.

It is recommended this application be completed by the school site lead. The information collected will be essential for the coach assigned to your site.

Application Due Date: February 19, 2021
Feel free to pause and resume this application at any time. 

For additional information, email or call (714) 966-4406.

School Climate Sub-Grant Flyer Rev​ised.pdf
School Climate Sub-Grant Application
Grant Application Questio​ns​
2021 School Climate Sub-grant Award Appeals Process Technical Assistance Video​

CA MTSS Pathway Certification for Schools Course Video:​

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