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Phase 3 Summer/Fall 2022 Grant Opportunity


Phase 3 Summer/Fall 2022 Grant
(For New Applicants not currently involved in Phase 3)

Thank you for your interest in the CA MTSS Phase 3 Summer/Fall 2022 Grant. The California Department of Education in partnership with the Orange County Department of Education and the Butte County Office of Education is pleased to announce that our Phase 3 CA MTSS RFA will be available on 7/15/22. This grant will provide funding to awardees and an opportunity for school sites, LEAs, and county offices of education to build capacity toward full implementation of CA MTSS to improve outcomes for all learners. ​

This grant is open to public schools and LEAs, public charter schools or County offices of education and county run schools.

Review the criteria for the application types below (school, consortium, county office of education) to decide which grant opportunity fits your needs.  ​​

Application Release Date: July 15, 2022

Application Deadline: October 15, 2022,​ PST​​

Preliminary Award Announcement: November 15, 2022

Appeal Deadline: November 18, 2022

Final Award Announcement: December 1, 2022​

Grant Period:    March 1, 2023-June 30, 2026

School Grant
Individual schools may apply to build staff capacity and implement CAMTSS at their sites. All school administrators will be assigned a coach for the duration of the grant period to meet with on a regular basis for support. Funding will be $50,000 for schools with up to 1,000 students or $100,000 for schools over 1,000 students
School Grant Application
School Grant Application Questions.pdf

Consortium Grant
Apply as a consortium with up to 6 partners. The consortium may include up to 5 schools or small LEA's  with one additional partner (ex. LEA or COE) willing to act as the lead fiscal agent and coach for partner school site leaders. Funding up to $315​,000 ($50,000.00 for each of the six partners and an additional $15,000.00 for lead)|
Consortium Grant Ap​​plication​
Consortium RFA Questions.pdf

COE  Capacity Building/Coaching Grant  
County Offices not already involved in Phase 3 may apply to engage in online certification to  build capacity and earn certification as CA MTSS coaches in order to support local LEAs and schools with CAMTSS implementation.  COE's will also agree to provide coaching to any local Phase 3 awardees in their county.  Funding for staff time spent on learning and coaching will be provided at $50,000 per COE​.

Additional Resources​​

Appeal Process for Denied Applications

​​​For additional information, email  ​