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Traffic Safety Links

Allstate Foundation

Leads national programs, provides grants, and creates meaningful partnerships to help improve the safety of teens on the road.

AT&T It Can Wait

A campaign that empowers the community to make a personal commitment not to text and drive.

California Office of Traffic Safety

Strives to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries by supporting local and state public agencies to enforce traffic laws, educate the public in traffic safety, and provide effective means of reducing fatalities and injuries from collisions.

Impact Teen Drivers

Provides awareness and education to teenagers, parents, and community members about responsible driving through contests, trainings, videos, and free educational resources.

National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS)

A coalition of non-profit and for-profit youth serving organizations and government agencies working together toward the common goal of addressing health and safety issues that affect youth. The coalition maintains a strong focus on traffic safety, while also addressing injury prevention, substance abuse, youth violence and healthy lifestyle choices.

National Safety Council

Engages businesses, government agencies, and the public to prevent the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. -- unintentional injuries. The council relies on best practice solutions to address issues such as cell phone use while driving, workplace safety, prescription pain medication use, and safety in the community.

Seat Belts Save Challenge

A four-week campaign designed to educate teen drivers about the dangers of riding in a car without wearing a seat belt, and increase the number of teens who regularly wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a car.

Teen Driver Source

Provides stakeholders with evidence-based resources that can make teen driver safety a priority issue in their communities, as well as help them to implement educational interventions to address teen driver related crashes.

Teen in the Driver Seat

A peer-to-peer program for teens that educates peers and parents about traffic safety.

U.S. Department of Transportation

Strives to ensure a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system and leads the effort to stop texting and using cellphones behind the wheel. The department has held national distracted driving summits, encouraged states to adopt tough traffic safety laws, and launched several campaigns to raise public awareness about the issue.