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About Us


The Orange County Friday Night Live Partnership (OCFNLP) provides opportunities for positive and healthy youth ​development by engaging youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.


Prevention is the destination, youth development is the vehicle.


In 1984, Friday Night Live began in Sacramento, California as a response to the number of youth-related injuries and deaths caused by alcohol-related automobile crashes. The name Friday Night Live came about because most youth alcohol-related crashes occur on Friday nights between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.  Today, the program has evolved from an anti-drinking and driving program to one that engages youth in meaningful activities and opportunities to develop competencies and skills that prepare them for work and adult life, helping them build relationships and community connections. Friday Night Live programs are currently implemented throughout California.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW HANDOUT - EnglishSpanishVietnamese


​Youth involved with the OCFNLP programs will experience:

  1. A safe environment

  2. Opportunities for community and school engagement

  3. Opportunities for leadership and advocacy

  4. Opportunities to build caring and meaningful relationships with peers and adults

  5. Opportunities to engage in interesting and relevant skill development activities.



Scientific evidence confirms that support and opportunities lead to positive short- and long-term youth development outcomes and the prevention of problem behaviors.  Programs that focus on promoting healthy development of young people can be confident they are using some of the best strategies to reduce alcohol and other drug usage and behavior problems in young people. OCFNLP utilizes a set of youth development outcomes called Standards of Practice which correlate with this research.

California 2019-2020 Youth Development Survey Statewide Report​


OCFNLP is administered by the Orange County Department of Education and is funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency, Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Team.