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Distance Learning

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studnet drawing in science notebook during distance learning

During this time of Distance Learning, Inside the Outdoors is creating lessons and gathering resources to help support science learning and enrichment.  We are continuing to add additional resources to our page!

Lessons to Support Distance Learning

These lessons have been designed to support student learning and supplement your programs with Inside the Outdoors.  These lessons do not require program attendance. 

Thank you to our partners for supporting instructional continuity for students and their families!


Inside the Outdoors Lessons by Grade

To edit slideshows for your classroom use, make a copy of the Google Slideshow.

The Choice is Yours - Kindergarten


Habitat Discovery Lesson - Kindergarten

Habitat Worksheets
Animal Worksheet
Unbe-LEAF-able - 1st Grade​Sponsored by Orange County Great Park

Cactus Worksheet
Classification Worksheet - Parts of the Plant
Observation Data Sheets
Tomato Plant Graphic

Garden Talk Videos from the Food + Farm Lab


Copy Cats - 1st Grade​​Sponsored by Orange County Great Park

Invention Worksheet
Patent Worksheet

Let the Light Shine - 1st Grade


Hide and EEEK - 3rd Grade


Homes and Natural Resources - 4th Grade

Cookin' Up Some Dirt - Lesson 1 - 4, 5 and Middle School

Compost Pictures

Cookin' Up Some Dirt - Lesson 2 - 5th Grade​Sponsored by Orange County Great Park

Four Seasons Worksheet
Compost Data Sheet
Vermicomposting Video

Shifty Shadows - 5th Grade​Sponsored by OCC Planetarium

Model Set Up

Invasion of the Ecosystem Snatchers Full Lesson - High School

Student Reading
Worksheet (Printable)                Worksheet (Fillable)
Invasive Species
Native Species
Sample Campaign Ideas

Additional Classroom Activities (Not all activities are applicable to distance learning)

Videos and Live Webcam Lesson

This lesson can help your students organize their observations and wonderings. OWL (Observe, Wonder, Learn) is an acronym that can help organize students  ideas.  This lesson can be used at home, in the school yard, with a video or live webcam.

Inside the Outdoors Foundation YouTube Channel has videos with our Animal Ambassadors and activities to do with students and families.

OWL Lesson
OWL Worksheet - fillable form
OWL Worksheet - printable form

Science Notebooking

Scientific Drawing

Nature Scene Investigators - NSI Backyard Mission

Our NSI Backyard Missions were designed to connect families and students with nature. These missions are easy to do at home and engage students in the natural world just outside their door.

Printable Forms ​Fillable Forms

Investigando la Naturaleza Cerca de Casa Misiones

Nhiệm vụ sân sau của NSI

!NSIماموریت های حیاط خلوتی

Southern California Bird Guide

National Weather Service Cloud Spotter- Helps Identify Clouds


Science-at-Home Activities
Weekly Calendars

Please Explore Our Other Resources.

Social Media Science and Activities

We are fortifying our social media posts which we’ll share on multiple platforms Monday - Friday to offer:

  • Science-at-Home ideas in place of our regular Field Trip and Traveling Scientist programs.
  • FREE hangout opportunities for educators to support you during this time where you are physically distant from your students and regular science colleagues.


OCDE Instructional Continuity Resources

Other Distance Learning Resources

This link includes apps, reading and other resources you may find useful to assist in distance learning.

Thank you to the following partners who are supporting instructional continuity for students and their families:

​S.L. Gimbel Foundation
Disneyland Resort
Costa Mesa Sanitation District
Cox Orange County
City of Newport Beach
Southern California Edison
​Orange County Community Foundation
Samueli Foundation
City of Anaheim
OCC Planetarium

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