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Family Engagement

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​Science learning and fun is not just for school!  These are some activities you can do as a family to learn and laugh together.

Thank you to our partners for supporting instructional continuity for students and their families!

Water Education Family Activities

​These activities are provided in partnership with the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

NSI Backyard Missions

These missions are easy to do at home and engage students in the natural world just outside their door.

Printable Forms ​Fillable Forms

Investigando la Naturaleza Cerca de Casa Misiones

Nhiệm vụ sân sau của NSI

!NSIماموریت های حیاط خلوتی

Southern California Bird Guide

National Weather Service Cloud Spotter - Helps Identify Clouds


Science-at-Home Activities
Weekly Calendars

 Please explore our other resources that support distance learning.

Earth and Space Science​

Moon Observation

Orbit and Rotation

OCC Planetarium at Home

What is Light?

​These activities have been provided in partnership with the Orange Coast College Planetarium.

Orange Coast College Plantarium Logo with Image of the Planetarium Building 

Exploring the Great Park

Eating the Rainbow

Family Activites at the Great Park Growing an Appetite

Native Gardens at Home

​​These activities have been provided in partnership with the Great Park.

 Orange County Great Park Logo Orange Silouette of a person

Note: Some of the following links are to external websites not managed by Inside the Outdoors.

Water Savers

Is your home water efficient?  In what ways can you save water at home?

Home Water Survey

Rethink Your Water Usage

Exploring Properties of Water

Water Education Family Activities - Provided by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Water Calculator - Where do you use water in your house and tips on how to reduce water usage.

Install a Rain Barrel - You might be eligible for a rebate from the state!

Residential Water Rebates

Project Zero Waste at Home

Inside the Outdoors is working with schools to help reduce waste on school campuses.  You can also reduce your waste at home.  Here are some ideas of ways to reduce what ends up in the landfill.

Composting at Home

EcoChallege Activity Book

EcoChallege - Hazardous Waste Disposal

Column Composter - Build a mini composter that allows you to see decomposition in action!

Waste Reduction Challenge

Small Footprint Family - Ways to reduce waste at Home

Using Repurposed Materials for Crafts

Waste Reduction Resources - Includes information about local trash haulers.

Science Notebooks/Book Making

Science Notebooking

Scientific Drawing

Flower and Leaf Pressing

Nature Journal

Book Making Resources from

Single Sheet Book
Lift the Flap Book
Four Panel Book
Flexagon Book

Go Outside at Home!

​Take your family outside and explore your neighborhood.  These are some activities that can be done as a family.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Backyard Birding

Make a Rain Gauge

Project Learning Tree Family Activities

Homemade Spectroscope - Seeing Rainbows in the world

Get to Know - Activities to help your family get to know the outdoors

Kitchen Science Lab

Turn your kitchen into a science lab!  These are some fun experiments that use common kitchen items.

Red Cabbage pH Paper

Kitchen Science for Kids - Over 30 different experiments

Science Kiddo Experiment Ideas

Engineering Challenges at Home

Challenge your family to use repurposed items in these activities.

Build a Bird Nest

Straw Boats

Build a Kish

Free/Low Cost Field Guide Apps

This is a short list of apps that our staff use to help with identification in the field.  These are free or low cost apps that are available on most platforms.  Search for these apps in App Store or similar store on your device.

Bird Identification

Merlin - (free) bird identification by Cornell University
Audubon Bird Guide: California

Plant Identification

iNaturalist-(free) plant identification app
PlantNet (Pl@ntNet)

 Night Sky

Star Walk


Seek by iNaturalist
National Geographic – Many different apps for different audiences

Interested in Student Contests?

Visit Contests and School Wide Activities page for contests available for students in and around Orange County!  Most of these contests are for individuals and students can participate on their own.

Social Media Science and Activities

We are fortifying our social media posts which we’ll share on multiple platforms Monday - Friday to offer:

  • Science-at-Home ideas in place of our regular Field Trip and Traveling Scientist programs.
  • FREE hangout opportunities for educators to support you during this time where you are physically distant from your students and regular science colleagues.


Thank you to the following partners who are supporting instructional continuity for students and their families:

​S.L. Gimbel Foundation
Disneyland Resort
Costa Mesa Sanitation District
Cox Orange County
City of Newport Beach
Southern California Edison
​Orange County Community Foundation
Samueli Foundation
City of Anaheim
OCC Planetarium

Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885