Family Engagement


Orange County Stormwater Program - This interactive website teaches children and their families about water pollution prevention and watersheds. There are many community resources on this new website!

Waste Reduction Resources

Repurposed Crafts

Are you looking for a way to save natural resources at home? Take one of our audits!

Online Home Surveys

Interested in Student Contests?

Visit Contests and School Wide Activities page for contests available for students in and around Orange County!

‚ÄčNature Scene Investigators - NSI

Nature Scene Investigators (NSI), a clue-based outdoor program with self-guided activities that guide your family though local Orange County Parks.  This project was created by local High School students as part of a school Service Learning Project.  NSI booklets are available at Inside the Outdoors events and local Orange County Parks and Libraries.  Some of the operations are also available to download.

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