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ACCESS Multilingual Student Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For additional information, contact:

Nicky McClure, Multilingual Student Services Manager
(714) 245-6789

Everyone can take possession of the power of language and in this way see through and unmask the power exercised through language

(Weiß & Schwiet​ring​)

​The EL Services team at ACCESS has two primary goals: to ensure ELs achieve proficiency in English and learn the academic English necessary for school, career, and life success. Academic English includes functional language, sophisticated vocabulary, and conversation moves to enable students to interact in meaningful ways with one another, their teachers, and with text. The main strategies that support ELs in learning English and achieving academic success include integrated and designated English Language Development (ELD). 

2023-2024 EL Master Plan, English
2023-20​24 EL Master Plan, Spanish​