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Program Information





Eligibility & Criteria for Assistance

​Families must meet the following requirements established by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Child Care and Development Division, to qualify for subsidized child care:

  1. Family must meet income requirements according to their family size as established by California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Child Care and Development Division or is receiving an eligible government aided program.
  2. In addition, the parent must show documentation of one or more of the following needs:
    • Employed
    • Seeking employment
    • Seeking Housing
    • Enrolled in school or training program leading to a recognized occupation
    • Family is referred by a legally qualified professional identifying child is at risk of abuse, neglect, or has special needs.
    • Incapacitated and unable to care for the child for part of the day.

​Family Support Services

Subsidized child care services are provided via contracts established between Family Support Services (FSS) and a child care "provider" who is an independent contractor selected by the parent. Parents are responsible for selecting the provider that will provide their child with safe and quality care. FSS is not responsible for the quality of care given by a provider under contract. ​FSS will pay provider's the usual and customary rates charged for non-subsidized children. Provider reimbursement for the age of the child and type of child care setting is limited to the rate established by the Market Rate Ceiling Survey for Orange County Child Care Providers. Payment is issued to the provider based on terms outlined in the Agreement for Child Care Services.