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Healthy Fitness Zone

​Fitness Goals for Students

California students in grades five, seven and nine ​are tested yearly to measure their overall physical fitness. The goal is for all students to perform within the state's Healthy Fitness Zone target areas, which represent levels of fitness that offer protection against chronic diseases resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. 

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle at a young age has ​multiple advantages, including this: Ninth-grade students who do not pass the fitness test are required to take four years of physical education in high school rather than two. 

The CHEP physical fitness tests this year will be given to fifth- and seventh-graders on March 18, 2020. More specific information will be coming soon.

How to Get in the Healthy Fitness Zone! is a guide to activities to help prepare your student for the Physical Fitness Test.

Healthy Fitness Zone Goals is a guideline for children ages 5 - 13 giving you what is considered healthy for each age.​