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Professional Development for GATE Teachers

GATE Collaborative Network
Focusing on Best Practices in Gifted Education 
      • Model lessons using GATE strategies
      • Collaboration with teachers across the county 
      • Protocols to create culture, climate, and collaboration within the classroom
      • Professional development hours with district approval

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Orange County Department of Education: Online GATE Certification Program


The Orange County Department of Education is pleased ​to announce its new GATE Certification program. This asynchronous course is designed with the busy professional in mind, comprised of eight modules, based on effective strategies to increase learning opportunities and guide gifted students to reach their full potential.

 Sessions will focus on characteristics of students who are gifted and differentiation utilizing the GATE standards of acceleration, depth, complexity, and novelty, as well as strategies to enhance, enrich and extend the core curriculum. The program will include protocols for interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to ensure the development of the whole child.

The certification program meets the requirements for the Orange County GATE Collaborative as part of the Orange County Council for Gifted and Talented Education (OCC GATE). 

Please contact our office for more information, Julie Hull at

For district GATE Certification programs, please contact our office at 714-966-4328.


​Project Change:
An Early Childhood Focus to Promote and Respond to Giftedness
(PRE-K - Grade 3)   
​​​A Six-week online course that introduces the concept of pedagogical tools and practices to create play-based and academic experiences that promote the identifications and differentiation of curriculum responsive to the diversity and potential of young advanced and gifted students. 


March 28 - May 2, 2022


OCC GATE 48th Annual Conference


Orange County Council for the Gifted (OCC ​GATE) is excited to announce the annual conference for K-12 educators working with gifted and advanced learners.

Save the date for the OCC GATE Virtual Conference: October 22, 2022

Save the Date​ Flyer


60th Annual CAG Educator & Administrator Conference (In-Person)


The 60th Annual CAG Administrator Conference will provide sessions from experts on how to apply equitable practices to your school district or school site for gifted and advanced student populations.

Friday - Sunday

February 25-27, 2022



60th Annual CAG Educator & Administrator Conference (Virtual)


​​The 60th Annual Virtual CAG Educator Conference will provide sessions from national experts on how to apply research-based strategies in your classroom and at your school site to develop the potential for diverse advanced and gifted students.​​

Friday - Sunday

March ​​25-27, 2022



60th Annual CAG Parent Conference (Virtual)


The 60th Annual CAG Parent Conference will provide sessions from experts on the social, emotional, intellectual, and academic needs of gifted and advanced learners for families to use at home.​​​​


April 30, 2022


 CAG Summer Institute


The CAG Summer Institute is a three-day virtual learning experience for teachers and administrators to participate in curriculum development and to expand their expertise on how research and theory are transferred into practice.

Wednesday - Friday

July 27-29, 2022

Information coming soon!


CAG Access Fall Institute


The CAG Access Fall Institute will provide sessions experts in gifted education on how to unlock potential with gifted learners and all students to advance equity and access to critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Registration and information


 Please contact Julie Hull at to develop a customized professional learning contract.