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Gifted and Talented Education


Julie Hull

GATE Coordinator


Naomi Stanaland

Administrative Assistant III


The office of Gifted and Talented Education is committed to advocating for the needs of gifted and talented students throughout Orange County.  Through trainings, guest speakers and student events, our office is dedicated to being a resource to teachers, parents and students.  Support activities include speaking at District GATE Parent Nights, teacher trainings on differentiation and instructional strategies, conference presentations and other educational events throughout the year.

The California State Standards (CSS) are designed to be rigorous and relevant to the real world, reflecting the skills needed for college and career readiness. Although the CSS are more rigorous, they fall short of meeting the needs of the gifted learner. Differentiated instruction will continue to be essential to enhance the learning of our gifted students. Gifted teachers will need to continue to differentiate content, process, and product using a variety of methodology. Instructional techniques, such as, depth and complexity, learning centers, curriculum compacting, and other enrichment activities can extend the common core standards to enhance gifted student learning.  

The Orange County Department of Education GATE office is pleased to offer services and support that can be customized to meet the needs of your district or school.  Please contact Julie Hull for more information. 


Click here for a list of District/Site GATE Coordinators​​

Individuals with disabilities in need of auxiliary aids and services may request assistance

by contacting Naomi Stanaland at