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​Parent Information​ ​Elementary Science Olympiad​


2021 Information Coming Soon!​

​2020 Science Olympiad Mandatory Coaches' Webinar

Access the Coaches' Webinar Slide Deck here

Access the Recording of the Coaches' Webinar here​

Registration for all teams in Southern California is done through the Southern California Science Olympiad​ organization.  

**All results posted on the web page are preliminary results and are subject to review. Coaches have until the Monday after the tournament 5:00pm to submit any questions/concerns or issues regarding the Preliminary Scores to Christie Pearce As a reminder, this period is only for tabulation questions ​(e.g. your team received a no show when your team was there). The scores will be considered finalized when they are posted on the Regional website following this review period.**​   ​​

2020 OC Regional Div B Team 1 - FINAL.pdf
2020 OC Regional Div B Team 2 - Prelim.pdf

2020 OC Regional Div C Team 1 - FINAL.pdf
2020 OC Regional Div C Team 2 - Prelim.pdf

Required ​Forms:
Date Due
December 1, 2019
December 1, 2019
February 15, 2020
Code of Ethics
(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 15, 2020
General Release Form
​(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 15, 2020
Photo Release
(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 15, 2020

(1 per coach, student, volunteer)

February 15, 2020



Regional competition will go on rain or shine. Come prepared. 


Outdoor canopies must be weighted at all times. Weights must be fully attached to all the canopy poles and be at least 20 lbs in weight, per pole. If sandbags are used, they must be taped or tied to the pole; two one-gallon milk jugs (per pole) filled with water may be used as long as they are fully attached to the poles. Use of hard objects for weights is not recommended as they can cause other injuries if run into. Any organi​zation that does not have a weighted canopy on all four sides will be asked to remove the canopy for safety reasons.​

Park by Plate: Skip the line! Parking paid in advance through Park by Plate is $10 per regular sized vehicle/per day and is only valid in designated lots (12A, 16, 16H, ARC, Student Center Parking Structure (SCPS) and the white stalls in East Campus Parking Structure (ECPS)). Your license plate serves as your permit. NOTE: Parking fees increase to $13 per day/per vehichle if purchased from a parking attendant or kiosk at UCI on the day of the event.​ 

Park by Plate: CODE: SO@UCI 

2020 UCI Parking Map (here) 

Bus Drop-off Route (here)​

2020 E-Z UP Location Map: (here) 

2020 Clarifications and Rule Changes

Final Clarifications for Orange County Regional Tournament

**The last day to request a rules clarification is Friday, Feb 7th, 5:00pm.  All requests after that time will not be answered. 
All clarifications will be finalized and posted on Monday, Feb 10th, 11:59 PM. The only clarifications applied to the OC Regional Tournament will be those posted by Monday, Feb 10
th, 11:59 PM.​

You can download the final clarifications as an Excel file on Monday, Feb 11th (here).​




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