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Coach Information

*2023-24 Invitational Events
* In order to participate in any Invitational Tournament, a team must be registered with their State organization. In Southern California, the team and head coach must have been verified by their school's principal and have paid their membership dues. Southern California teams can check their registration status here.
* Team Numbers (Team and head coach must be verified by their school's principal, paid their membership dues, and submitted a COI approved by UCI in order to participate on February 17, 2024)


Date Due
January 10, 2024
December 15, 2023
February 17, 2024​
Code of Ethics
(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 17, 2024
General Release Form
​(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 17, 2024
Photo R​elea​se
(1 per coach, student, volunteer)
February 17, 2024
(1 per student)
January 12, 2024
​ ​​​​


Our regional competition will go on rain or shine. Please come prepared! We understand and share your concern. However, we are sorry that there is not an option to have teams' home bases inside or to move any of our events. Teams may bring an EZ-Up and add tarps to the sides. Please encourage everyone to be dressed appropriately for rainy weather.  

As was shared earlier and on our website, the public areas of MSTB, ISEB, Student Center lobby, or any other building if the main doors are unlocked can be used as indoor spaces. Please do not crowd indoor spaces, which could result in officials shutting down the event. No one should set up or camp out in hallways as this creates a fire code issue.  Also, the hallways of buildings other than RH, MSTB, and ISEB should not be entered at all. If you are asked to move for safety reasons, please do so immediately.

We are looking forward to a great day celebrating all of the hard work your students have put in so far this year!

~ OCDE Science Olympiad Team​​​


Outdoor canopies must be weighted at all times. Weights must be fully attached to all the canopy poles and be at least 40 lbs in weight, per pole. If sandbags are used, they must be taped or tied to the pole; two one-gallon milk jugs (per pole) filled with water may be used as long as they are fully attached to the poles. The use of hard objects for weights is not recommended as they can cause other injuries if run into. Any team that does not have a weighted canopy on all four sides will be asked to remove the canopy for safety reasons.​ 

PARKING INFORMATION:​ (Directional Parking Map​)

Please use the following link to purchase parking in advance of the Regional Competition.

UCI Parking Link​

2024 Clarifications and Rule Changes​​
The OC Regional Tournament will abide by the following Rules Clarifications posted on Tuesday, February 13th:



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