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Elementary Science Olympiad

​​​​​​​​​2022 Events​​


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​​​2022 SoCal  
Elementary Science Olympiad 

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Science Olympiad season. As with last year, the Southern California Science Olympiad will be hosting a virtual joint elementary tournament again. This year the tournament will be on Sat, March 5, 2022. As with last year, all materials provided by Science Olympiad will be mailed to the coach prior to the tournament so that they can distribute them to the participants for their use on tournament day at their homes. New this year, Sierra Vista Middle School will be hosting their first ever elementary invitational tournament in Southern California on Sat, Feb 5, 2022. This practice tournament will be in-person on the campus of Northwood High School in Irvine, CA as long as current protocols remain as they are. This invitational tournament is a great way to give your students an additional chance to compete and will help prepare your team for the upcoming joint state tournament.


SoCal Elementary Tournament:

Registration is now open at and the cost per team will remain at $100/team. The schedule and list of events can be found at The rules are found in the 2016 Competitive Tournament Rules which can be purchased from the National Science Olympiad store. Note that this manual includes 100 different events and the same manual is used from year to year. Event modifications needed to successfully run this event virtually will be posted soon.

As with last year, all teams will be rated gold, silver, and bronze in each event. The team will receive a gold, silver, or bronze rating by adding the point values for each event. Each team will receive 15 medals of either gold, silver, or bronze based on their overall team rating.


Sierra Vista Elementary Invitational Tournament:

Registration is now open at and the cost per team is $125/team when you use the discount code socalelem. This tournament will run in tandem with the Division B Invitational Tournament and follow the Southern California Division A state tournament schedule linked above.

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