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District Payroll Services

The District Payroll Services unit provides payroll processing and tax reporting services to Orange County school districts, community colleges, regional occupational programs (ROP), special districts, and charter schools.  The unit manages and audits the County's comprehensive payroll system processes, ensuring that more than 90,000 county school employees are paid accurately and on time. 
This unit is responsible to meet all federal and state requirement by processing, auditing and reporting over $3.3 billion in annual gross earnings. Monthly paychecks and over 90,000 annual W-2s are processed  for all school employees of Orange County.  
With over $800 million in tax contributions annually, members of the unit also are available to school and community college districts for regulatory information and tax compliance issues.   
District Payroll Services is the central processing unit for the following: 
  • Federal and State Electronic Tax Remitter
  • State Quarterly Filing
  • Affidavits/Petition for Lost or Destroyed Checks
  • Wage Garnishments and Earnings Withholding Orders
  • Payroll Processing Calendar
  • Direct Deposit via ACH
  • Distribution of Payroll and Payroll Vendor Checks
  • Payroll Vendor Maintenance

District Payroll Services also provides advisory services, workshops, procedures and documentation for school districts, community college district, ROPs and charter district employers on compliance and regulatory information related to payroll management.