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Support Services Staff Directory


Division​ / Department / Unit​​Title Name Phone​
Business Services​ Division ​Associate Superintendent​​ ​Dean West, CPA 714-966-4229​
Support Services Department
Executive Director Gary Stine, MPA 714-966-4253​
​Administrative Assistant IIILeanne Tasko ​714-966-4238
District UI Services​UI Claims SpecialistDeborah Auriemma714-966-4217
​Compliance Support ServicesAdministrator​Zubia Villacorta, CPP​714-966-4263
​Credentialing / Fingerprinting Services ​Support Services Manager Susana Fernandez 714-966-4457​
​Credentials Technician​ ​​Maria Pelayo 714-966-4241​
​Credentials Technician​ Corina Ramos 714-966-4218​
​Credentials TechnicianDee Zelinski714-966-4237​
District Payroll Services​​ ​Payroll Compliance Supervisor Shari Dorian 714-966-4261​
Payroll Services Specialist 714-966-4260
​Senior Payroll Technician ​​Cassidy Do 714-966-4258​
​Senior Payroll Technician Norma Guerra 714-966-4270​
​Senior Payroll Technician Edgar Mosqueira 714-966-4256​
​Senior Payroll Technician Anne Wrye, CPP 714-966-4259​
District Retirement Services ​Coordinator Veena Chaudhri, CPP 714-966-4280​
​Retirement Specialist Cherry Angeles ​714-966-4276
​Retirement Specialist Laura Hadley ​714-966-4277
​Senior Retirement Technician​ ​​Aisling Barrera ​714-966-4278
​Senior Retirement Technician​ ​​Joanne Del Grosso ​714-966-4271
​Senior Retirement Technician​ ​​Tina Nguyen ​714-966-4275
​Senior Retirement Technician​ Robin Phillips ​​714-966-4274
​Senior Retirement Technician​Vida Trumbull714-966-4269​
​District Systems Support ​Administrator ​Michelle Harnish ​714-966-4027
Financial  Systems Support ​Senior Business Systems Analyst ​Javaid Ashraf, MBA, MS ​714-966-4118
​​Business Systems Analyst Angelica Avila 714-966-4117​
​Business Systems AnalystMichael Solomon​714-966-4096
​Support Services Specialist ​Jennie Barnes ​714-966-4330
​Support Services SpecialistTimothy Sohn714-966-4257​
​HR, Payroll, and TNAS Systems Support​Senior Business Systems AnalystKawai Tinio714-966-4360​
​​Support Services Specialist Tatiana Garcia ​714-966-4069​​
​​Support Services Specialist ​Angela Taylor ​714-966-4247