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District Retirement Services

The District Retirement Services Department provides support, assistance and direction to the school districts, community college districts, ROPs, Charter schools and their employees.  This unit also serves as a liaison to both state retirement systems to assist employees with any discrepancies in retirement service records. 
Ensuring that school employees receive the proper service credit from CalSTRS and CalPERS is this unit's priority. 
Over 100,000 pay lines per month are processed for more than 58,000 school employees.  More than $60 million of contributions are reported and collected per month.  The staff audits monthly payroll reports for proper coding of required contributions. 
The department operates as the intermediary unit between school districts in orange county, school employees, CalPERS and CalSTRS and provides services in the following areas:
  • Legislative updates
  • Monitoring Membership qualification and retiree earnings
  • Purchase and redeposit of retirement service credit
  • Resolutions and contract amendments such as Golden Handshake
  • Processing retirement forms for membership, refund or correcting service credit
  • Charter school retirement reporting agent

Workshops are hosted at the county office to provide an opportunity for district payroll and human resource staff to learn about  CalPERS and CalSTRS  retirement systems.